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Show house favorites

baby uphol. wall photo_blue


There are always favorite rooms in every showhouse.  Here are a few of mine.


In the billiards room, the original wallpaper (now 100 years old) remained on the wall and was painstakingly restored.  It was in impeccable condition and definitely suited the room.  The furniture was designed with fish leather from Iceland, and a grand 24-light chandelier from Baccarat hung in the center with coordinating sconces throughout the room.


A sitting room (one of many) was entitled “Afternoons of Wine and Chocolate” and was a study in contrasts.  The walls were a rich Merlot tone while the sofas, cabinet and other furnishings contrasted in white.  It was very fresh and elegant.


There was a beautiful bedroom inspired by American Art Deco which was predominantly monochromatic in gray and silver but had some pops of color.  There were gorgeous silver upholstered wall panels which were tufted with Swarovski crystals and a chandelier with bling.  This was my favorite room.


“La Petite Rose” was the baby girl’s nursery decorated in blush and neutral tones.  The walls were painted in taupe which offset the high gloss blush ceiling, and pink velvet was used on several upholstered pieces.  There was a beautiful canopy drapery surrounding the paneled crib, which was the focal point of the room.


I loved the fresh green and aqua color scheme on the outdoor pieces.  The color was so alive, especially on a gray day when I visited.


Showhouses always provide an inspiration!