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You’re ready to paint?

So you’ve booked a painter, what’s next?


You have a painter booked and you can’t wait to get color on your sterile builder white walls.  Or, refresh your old tired color.  You go to a paint store to look at a fan deck of colors or maybe your painter left you his paint deck.  Now you select a few, you get some small sample jars, and you throw them up on the wall.


All of a sudden, the tiny square samples in the deck that all looked like the same beige now seem to have morphed into colors of their own.  One color seems to go with your carpeting, and another looks better with your tile.  Yet another might work with your sofa.  Now what?!


That is the time to call in a color consultant to ensure you get the correct colors on your walls.  Color consultants are familiar with the tints and undertones of almost every color.  They can guide you to the best possible, and many times, unexpected and interesting color choices that will give you a totally new look.


I recommend setting your color appointment at least a few weeks before the painter starts. This will greatly reduce your anxiety in selecting your color as well as giving you time to process the newly-anticipated color.


Because, before you know it, your painter will be giving you a start date and will need your color selections.


Happy painting!