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How do you get inspired?

I am always looking for creative inspiration – whether it’s searching through Houzz or Pinterest, combing through my design magazines or visiting the Design Center.  I also find that being outdoors, especially during autumn, fuels my inspiration.


I was out hiking this fall, and Mother Nature has put on some beautiful, colorful displays this year.  For me, being in the color business, I marvel at the range of colors, the pops of flowers that contrast with the variety of greens that line a pathway or the tall, towering trees that shoot into the sky.


So how does this translate to color palettes?  If you love an autumn palette, why not think about these color combinations that will give you that feeling year-round.


Pale yellow, deep crimson, and pumpkin orange

Brick red and gold

Earthy red with olive green

Grass green, butter yellow and pops of chocolate brown


How do you get inspired? IMG_6259 IMG_6252 IMG_6233