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Which paint finish should I use?

Picking a paint color is one challenge, but picking the right finish for your room is just as important. Let’s review a few of the more popular finishes and where their uses are appropriate.  I will use Benjamin Moore finishes as that is the paint requested most of the time.


Regal matte – Matte is a flat finish that can be washed. Matte is generally considered a formal look appropriate for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.  Colors in matte finishes will not intensify as there is low light reflectivity.


Flat – Flat is generally used on ceilings, except perhaps in bathrooms and sometimes kitchens.


Eggshell – This finish has a low luster and I usually recommend this in kitchens, hallways and children’s rooms that take some abuse. It is a slightly harder finish and is easily washable.


Pearl/Satin – This is a higher sheen level that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms and can be scrubbed. Colors will appear brighter because the sheen will reflect more light.  This can also be used in formal rooms with a lot of shiny finishes.


Semi-Gloss – This finish is used for all trim (woodwork) including baseboards, crown moldings, doors and window trim. This is a very durable finish.


Aura Bath & Spa – This paint was formulated specifically for high-humidity and high-moisture areas and stains wash off easily.


Select your finishes carefully so that, when your room is finished, you have the look you love to live with!