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Is Your Outdoor Space Ready for You?





It’s time to head outdoors. But is your outdoor space ready for you?  Here are some simple steps to create a cozy space that will be irresistible.


Incorporate a variety of textiles and textures into your outdoor space. How about combining a wood cocktail table, metal furniture and a ceramic garden stool with fun throw pillows and a rug?  This is really no different than what we do in the interior of your home.  Be adventurous and be bold as you can afford to be fun and playful outside.  Sunbrella (indoor/outdoor) fabrics have come a long way and there are hundreds of choices available.


Choose furniture and accessories at various heights for visual interest. From planters to swings or tall outdoor lamps, they will make the space more interesting.


If you choose a rug, choose the largest possible for the area. A large geometric pattern will give the illusion of an expansive space.


If you have an overhang, the addition of drapery panels will surely create a feeling of warmth.


How about an outdoor fountain? The lull of the water will soothe your spirit.


Do you have room for a swing? I found this fun one at the design center recently.

2016-02-25 09.11.40


Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and let’s remember our veterans and those who fight for us every day!